ThisThis unique team brings a balanced creative powerhouse for your sustainability, environmental education, natural health/wellness, and social purpose-driven projects.unique team brings a balanced creative powerhouse for your sustainability, environmental education, natural health/wellness, and social purpose-driven projects.

inVision Brand Pursuit’s grew from a natural attraction that began in 1991, when tech geek/writer met nature artist/graphic designer at Ohio State University campus, and unknown to us at the time, we began an epic journey into balance.  Over our 23 years traveling through life together, we learned to  streamline the process of immersing natural artistic design, marketing research and techno guru-ness smoothly onto the internet and beyond.  This catapulted when we launch inVision full force in 2001.   Simply put, We are a been-there-done-that couple who have more than a combined 40 years of experience in brand design and strategy, small business strategy, web design and development, philanthropy, personal and career recovery, and entrepreneurship. We have become experts in our fields, and now yearn to share our expertise to provide solutions for others during the obvious cultural, economic and even climate changes of today that affecting us all – causing many to stop and think about if what they are doing right now is really working for them.

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Your source for organic (PURE) brand creative design, talented writing, web design and expert, customized, brand-centric seo and marketing strategy.

When you are sick and tired of getting the run around, When you simply wish to have genuine conceptual creativity and turbo-charged geekdom at your service…inVision Brand Pursuit offers you a team who goes beyond just getting the job done right, we do it fast, and with the integrity and professionalism that is becoming a rarity these days.  Call on a committed, seasoned team that brings a collective 40+ years of real world experience.

We have intimately worked out the kinks in the process of conceptual creative design and have effectively developed a streamlined way to mesh an artistic approach to internet marketing, website design, print graphic design, web graphic design search engine optimization. We are of a rare breed of entrepreneurs; we are technology drivers, sales guru’s, conceptual creatives, exceptional providers of first-hand learned business solutions, and yes, we are also fun to work with (life is just too short to be too serious). When it comes to small business and sustainability business branding, internet, and yes, even family recovery and marital matters (if asked), we are experts.

For years we have helped small businesses build their brands by getting to know their goals, visions and values, and balancing their message to compete effectively in print, Internet and public relations. Both had a thorough feeding of experience from growing up in entrepreneurial households to working for corporations: Pam with the Limited, Victoria’s Secret, Galtime, Traveling Mom, Project NatureConnect and more. Tim, a US Army Veteran with corporate experience from Huntington Mortgage, Countrywide Mortgage, Jupiter SEO and even the U.S. Department of Defense. The Hoke’s were already redefining marketing by combining their talents to provide full service and lay the foundation of their client’s brands and actually handing the brand foundation over to them so they can drive their brand with turn-key graphics and business templates. In other words, they share! This philosophy has saved their clients thousands of dollars by balancing their communication costs and providing them the tools for basic in-house activities, all while allowing them to continue to be the visionaries of their brand.We create organic images and present “no-BS” internet marketing solutions for small businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals.  Our favorite saying to clients is “if you don’t like our blunt-ness and positive energy now, you won’t like us later…life is simply too short.”  As mid-career entrepreneurs ourselves, we embrace anyone who has the drive to succeed in today’s highly image-oriented and internet search driven marketplace. With us, you have access to potent, original organic brand creation from scratch, genuine design, no clip art or canned crap, which becomes a genuine reflection of you, your career aspirations with the transparency and truthfulness that today’s customers demand. We are here to help your image and voice stand out amidst the massive communication world online – so you can successfully create that life path that you know will bring you the most happiness and comfort.

We offer small businesses, entrepreneurs, and individual professionals full organic brand design, from artistic, original logo creation cohesive brand styling that lays a strong foundation for an effective, consistent and professional internet visual presence. We offer a perfect balance of brand design (for print and internet), organic marketing strategies, brand-centered web design and white-hat SEO strategy development, social media icons and assistance, creative writing, business coaching and, consulting and team building, with the latest in organic search engine optimization strategies. inVision Brand Pursuit stands for 2 primary things:

  1. To consult and inspire others to pursue their visions – by creating genuine, conceptual brands and online strategies that ripple effectively into our new image-dominated, yet organic-driven world online and in print.
  2. To offer our comprehensive knowledge and unique talents at affordable prices, and professionally deliver fast, top-notch services that are driven for results. 

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Call us for balanced creative brand services…done with honesty and integrity. Our reputation is excellent, and we will be happy to share our long-time enthusiastic client references! 360-378-2834

Tim Hoke, MCP, CTO.  Learn more about Tim at www.TimHoke.com, and LinkedIn

Pam Hoke, Creative Brand Designer & Director, Nature Artist/Nature Therapy Guide.  Learn more about Pam at www.PamelaHoke.com, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook

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