Brand for a Grand is Back!

Evolving is kind of important…just ask a frog.


By popular demand, we have brought our brand for a grand package back for 2017.  We launched this in 2008, during the rough patch in the economy.  We are thrilled that we were able to help so many during that difficult time, by helping others become empowered to make necessary shifts – to evolve and thrive.  Beyond creating solid brands through our streamlined, enjoyable experience working with us, we also offered the entire package through payment plans that didn’t break the bank.

What we experienced was many folks either losing their jobs, or, their industry shifted so drastically, they were forced to take drastic measures.  The strongest evolved.  Since we love evolving and adapting, and since everyone was low on cash, we created a full service brand start-up package for one price to help them get on with their lives, and back to earning a living somehow.  Of course, it was only the boldest of survivors who knew they had to pull up their boot straps and keep plugging.  This, has been the forever reality of entrepreneurship, as Tim and I know so deeply.  This is perhaps why we can best understand the plight of our clients, because we are of them, and we thrive on the challenge of going through the journey with start-ups, career professionals re-inventing themselves, and established businesses knowing its time for a fresh approach.

We are thrilled that we can help others become what they were naturally meant to be and do.  This is a time in human history that calls for more advanced adaptations in so many realms, and particularly within careers.  This is a wonderful time of evolution of modern humanity, that is causing a majority of folks to re-think their priorities.  A time when acquiring possessions isn’t the defining moment of one’s success, but rather acquiring a quality life full of purpose and meaning does.  This is a time when the majority of us want to work within a balanced structure that truly aligns with who we are and what is important to us.  We are evolving to no longer be “paycheck players” but “life players.”  We are watching job descriptions out there demanding more and paying less, we are watching certain jobs and industries re-defining themselves, some vanishing.  Just when marketers think they understand a generation, or a market sector, the rules change overnight.

We  create only organic minded brands, with social good in mind – in other words “authenticity.”  Because the only long lasting brand is the transparent one, the authentic one – the one that is fully and naturally a solid vision with nothing to hide.

If you have an innovative idea, concept, or even established business designed for good for humans and the planet, then, inVision is your creative team to get you started!

To us, this new phase of development for modern humanity of authenticity and transparency, is welcoming, exhilarating, and in our addiction to excitement and challenges of this adventure called life…entertaining.

Call us weird, eccentric, or unpredictable.  But, guess what, that is life – life is weird, eccentric and never fully predictable.  Neither is business and marketing.  Sorry, to our marketing fellows, but, because of how things change overnight in our days of tech-reality and fast shift-shaping culture, precisely predicting anyone’s behavior is not any more effective than predicting which NFL team is going to win the Superbowl in 2016, or the weather over your house next month.

We, at inVision, live in reality. Anyone telling you they can predict and promise specific results in these unpredictable times is not being fully honest, sorry. The key is to “be” what you present, “walk your talk.”  What you present to the world now really does need to have some part in the solution toward becoming more socially or environmentally responsible, something inspiring.

The good news is, there is the power of flexibility in branding.  The visual and voice of a brand can re-invent itself, shift with the ebb and flow of the web, roll with the times.  This is, my friends, where the predictability of the success of your venture, project, endeavor, fundraiser, career shift, event, or corporate identity lies – in it’s ability to adapt, evolve, be authentically for greater good, and be flexible.  So, if you are ready to stretch your muscles so you can be of the fittest to survive our “shift-shapy” culture, we are with you.

Brand for a Grand is just that –  A Completely Unique, Organic Brand (not clip-art!), created and launched online for $1,000.

Your Vision, IN vision.

Logo, Mission Statement, Byline, First Media Release, Initial pages on WordPress installed and loaded, and more!


Your vision realized,and placed “in vision” – or, your existing brand re-charged, enlivened.  You are ready to answer the shifting needs, wants and desires of those whose problems you are striving to solve.  For most, the $1,000 invested paid for itself with the first client, or first buyers (pending on your average sale, that is).  Yet, what happens, is a brand is born, re-born… your brand, your vision, your idea, your unique presence happens and is ready to evolve with the ebb and tide of the internet and our shifting economy and culture.  We empower you with…

    • BRAND: Full visual and voice identity.  Logo design in all formats (up to 5 concepts with 3 full editing rounds), all within Pam’s unique brand styling guide sheet that serves as the visual brand police for fonts, color matching system (including the RGB’s for online), and overall visual environment.  No file is withheld, you receive full color, 2-color, grayscale and black and white variations of the logo – with and without slogan (yeah, we help with the slogans too).  You receive the files in .eps, .pdf (the real-deal, editable and print-ready vector art files, not fake photoshop art), .png, .jpg (for Office software), and .gif.


  • STRATEGY: A Quick-Launch Business Plan. We help you write  your mission statement for your target audience.  Don’t know who that is? Our extensive brand research of the competitive market will help you if needed.  We write a brand voice summary, with key marketing phrases, and suggested immediate launch goals.



  • WEBSITE: The brand visual and voice streamed onto your choice of a 5-page WordPress or Joomla website.  Yes, we write the website content!  We send you through a brief tour, and link resources on how to keep up with the site, or a reasonable estimate for us to keep it up for you.



  • MARKETING COLLATERAL: Business card design ready to print (Pam helps you send it to the best online printer if you would like),  Choice of: Microsoft Word template design OR Powerpoint template design.



  • BRAND VOICE: Your first media release article, posted on your site to get your blog started, and ready for you to distribute to key channels.



  • ICONS: Avatar and e-signature ready to roll out on social media.







  Get started for just $400 (with two more payments of $300 each).

Call us at our San Juan Island, WA  – Friday Harbor home studio, 360-378-2834, or simply HIRE US NOW via SquareUP and we will call you for our first creative conference!

Here are just a few of some of the organic brand designs by award-winning brand designer, artist, and organic recovery guide, Pamela Hoke.  Please visit our brand or web pages for more on the powerhouse of talent you receive from inVision Brand Pursuit – now celebrating 16 years of creating unique online brands for today’s savvy entrepreneur.


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