Climate vs. Capitalism, Time to evolve or die

I know, what a drastic statement.  I usually strive to stay positive.  Shoot, ask my partner and husband, Tim about my eternal optimism.  Lately, however, through my personal recovery in my book, Natural Self Discovery, I have learned to balance this bubbly approach with reality, along with many other facets.

“Adaptation is a form of intelligence.”  – Stephen Hawking

So, about our shared climate situation and how it relates to your business, your career, your life…we are absolutely screwed unless we make changes, unless we adapt.  This is actually a fundamental part of life that so many of us resist: Change!  As a Nature Therapy Guide, I have been very focused on feeling, acting, and thinking like Nature, and what is very clear is that natural law mandates adaptation for survival, period.  All we have to do is look around us to see the forest through the trees, and accept the fact that what we have been doing is not working.  With a scan of the latest news, we can easily connect the dots and see as our climate shifts (removing the debate of whether or not it is human caused and simply seeing reality of change), our core survival needs of water, food, and air are at risk, period.  Overall, more and more of us are sensing the dissatisfaction of life, a discontent, an inner sadness , a void we never can seem to fill.  My advice for businesses and professionals?

Adapt NOW.  Evolve past the denial, welcome and walk into change without fear.  What adaptations?

Career:  Just Do “You”

There is no mystery that even a concentrated specialized degree or vocational track can be the only source these days.  Today’s world demands we are all have diversified portfolios!  I am not talking about finances, here.  It is time to follow our dreams, to follow what we are naturally attracted to doing, and believing in ourselves.  All our skills and talents are relevant if we open our minds.  It is time to make that plan to bring all your skills and talents, your favorite things to do onto the table.  Especially the ones that are tangible, creation of actual items by hand, gardening, building, organizing, teaching…the digital world can shut down in breath, and the guarantee of your job is there is no guarantee anymore.  Rely on you in this freelance world, be the real you as your unique thumbprint because that is what any employers or clients are looking for – something different.

Processes and Products:  Become transparent, and if it’s not nature friendly, it’s not people friendly…then fix it!

If the People’s Climate March demonstrated anything, it demonstrated that people are concerned about their life source.  Why should they or we be?  Think about it.  There is no economy if there are no people able to work because they are sick, right?  There is no economy if our life source stops having the ability to continue to provide, right?  Many industries are going to phase out, not because of digital replacement, yet because the products being created will no longer be tolerated…the consumers are disappearing and the corporations know it.  The time has truly come to choose your money or your life, yet there can be a balance.  A balance of keeping your comforts, yet being sensible about it, plus being a whole lot happier with a simpler life.  The biggest change that happened to me once I began to tap into thinking and acting like Nature does, is my soul felt fulfilled and removed some very negative, self-destructive behaviors that were holding me back from enjoying life.  If you are selling a product, or working for someone selling a product, that is destroying our life source, you are living in conflict of your own survival, not just others.

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