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friday harbor design, friday harbor logo designWe create authentic, research-based, strategic full brand design styling, logo design, graphic design services for print and web, promotional product design, presentation design graphics, magazine and booklet design, brochures, social media icons, print and online ad design for campaigns, powerpoint presentations, and more.

What we have learned over the years is that only an organic *(pure in form, not canned) formula regarding any design project will fully succeed.  This requires a delicately balanced pure artistic approach with business marketing research and mission at the core.  Our unique formula has shown to work time and again, purely from the timeless branding and potent creations in our design portfolio, and enthusiastic references from our past clients.  This requires comprehensive competitive research, artistically unique visual potency, and quality voice messaging that is meshed naturally with the root mission of the organization, project, or individual as its heartbeat.  Yes, heartbeat…essentially, we create brands from the heart, the passion which ignited the idea in the first place.  We go into the creative process with the core heartbeat, and create the purest, most unique form possible, yet in a way that the real world can grasp.  This is where we believe many graphic design endeavors fail.

Latest Graphic Design and Brand Designs

If you are ready to have graphic design services that create a genuine image that ripples out to your target audience effectively, then perhaps you are ready to have a chat with awardinV_pam winning brand designer, (and Nature Artist and Certified Nature Therapy Guide and Author), Pam Hoke to discover if there exists a synergistic spark.  She has created well over 300 unique brand identities and graphic design campaigns for multiple industries from corporate retail, real estate, to non-profit organizations and some interesting entrepreneurial endeavors, including her own as a known nature fine artist and emerging author and Organic Recovery scholar We believe it is this balanced, whole mind career immersed in fine art, a deep connection with nature, blended with her business marketing brain that makes her the powerhouse creative guru she is. You are hiring a pure artist, not just a trained graphics person when you hire Pam…you are also hiring a nature therapy expert who can help you tap into your genuine, natural self and talents (Her book, Natural Self Discovery is on Amazon).   Learn more about Pam at her art site, or just give her a call at 772-202-0488, or e-mail.

Below are a just a few or her latest signature brand style sheets, ads, and more, with our menu of services and pricing.


 LOGOS by pH


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