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Our approach to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) exceeds expectations because we take an authentic, brand-centric, organic approach.  In other words, our lead expert, Tim doesn’t cheat!  He’s watched over the years, in particular recently, how fast Google shifts the rules…such is life.  We have also witnessed many SEO campaigns, and companies, lose the game, and all is directly related to shortcuts and false promises many in this industry have contrived   Our SEO reputation was built on integrity and honesty, and our seasoned years show clearly we have the weathered knowledge to help you safely and successfully immerse into the waters of online strategy with a presence that will last amidst the shifts.

We have a very realistic, grounded view to Local SEO strategy.  Sustainable small business SEO has different needs and goals than larger corporations.  Your online image and messaging is intricately assessed, and adjusted as necessary, from its foundation first, then grown with the utmost care and attention to details.  We never build this delicate part of your marketing plan on sand, yet root the plan deeply so it is able to weather the tides,  We create a unique, tiered strategy, that ultimately respects your brand’s individuality, and lays the foundation on the ideal long-term platform that is efficient and with the strongest impact.

When you are tired of sinking your marketing dollars into the abyss of online marketing promises, and are ready for a solid plan that really does hold water, give Tim Hoke, MCP and Certified SEO Expert, a call and hear his blunt, yet meticulous overview of how we do things differently.

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Comprehensive Friday Harbor SEO/SEM Package – Most popular, 90 Day WHITE HAT OVERHAUL and BLAST from $750 month 1, $500 for month 2 and 3 (pending keyword goals).

  • Phase 1Evaluation & Discovery
  • Current site evaluation
    • Your site will be evaluated thoroughly with regard to existing keywords, appropriate formatting, code tags, relevant Meta information and page Title composition
      We’ll examine your current web site from top to bottom and tell you exactly what your status is at present. You need to know where you’re at to determine what steps need to be taken, if any, to get you to the top of your preferred Internet niche.
    • If any changes to your current site are necessary to give you the best and fastest path to increased revenue generation opportunities, a proposal will be created, provided and explained.
      While we always are sensitive to your budget and business goals, many times a web site has been built using outdated methods and adherence to SEO standards that are no longer valid or useful. In fact, using some of these old techniques actually penalize web sites and their ranking. We fine-tune your Internet presence to give you the best possible visitor environment.
    • A comprehensive collection and reporting of all current site statistics including any keyword/phrase ranking, Google analytics data (if available), pages visited and local search engine positioning.
      We both need to know precisely where you are on the World Wide Web before we can create a plan to get you where you need to be. If you rank for any keywords/phrases that are part of your core revenue stream, we need to make sure you get to, and stay at, #1. Your Google Analytics data tells us where your site visitors come from, how long they stayed on your site, what they looked at while they were there and what they didn’t look at.
    • Should a rebuild/redesign or new site be recommend, it will be proposed at this time.
      Unfortunately, to meet your goals for success, sometimes a full “House-Cleaning” is necessary. Once accomplished, however, your site will only need changes when new products or services are offered, or it makes fiscal sense to make updates by choice instead of necessity.
  • Current Competitive Analysis
    • A 2-part analysis and report that is critical to strategic and tactical planning of your Internet future.
      • During your historical and day-to-day operations, who do you perceive as your biggest competitor?
        Typically, you know off of the top of your head which competing business either have or are taking the clients you want and need to grow your business.
      • A detailed analysis of exactly who your Internet competition is, where they spend their online advertising dollars, their estimated positioning, keyword/phrase positioning and traffic sources.
        Changing your public/brick-and-mortar traffic patterns are accomplished in different ways than dominating your chosen niches on the web. Many times, some of the opposition is the same so having all available market intelligence gives you an edge they don’t have.
  • Phase 2 – Ranking Campaign Implementation
    • Current site SEO coding, content and tag customization
      • Most web sites will need the existing content, images and code fine-tuned to achieve the best-possible ranking results.
        The original designer did their best construction work for you but their focus was likely not the SEO and ranking program we’ll be implementing. As part of our service, we make sure that every page title, formatting option and meta tag is tailored to your campaign.
    • Benchmarking of current Google analytics data or creation and insertion of Google Analytics code
      • For you to understand where your online presence is, and watch where it goes, we utilize Google Analytics. This program shows you where, geographically, your visitors came from, how long they stayed on your site, what they looked at and what words they used to find you.
        While most web designers rely on the traffic measuring software that comes with their hosting, we use Google Analytics exclusively. Google ranking is the accepted standard of web site success, and we have found Analytics to be the best tool for site monitoring. We include a 30-minute overview of what all the data means so you can check on your site whenever you wish.
    • Inbound link generation via content creation and publishing
      • Based on your company’s product or service, we create custom bookmarks, long- and short-text, and blog posts. These content pieces are posted to between 7-15 quality web sites per day.
        Using proprietary techniques and software applications, we create several unique pieces of text promoting your keywords/phrases. We, then, post these pieces of varying sizes and composition methods to no more than 15 high-quality web sites per day. Posting to too few sites can make the ranking process take longer than it should. Posting content on too many sites per day can raise red flags at Google, which can result in your site being dropped from the rankings (or “sandboxed”).
      • Using proprietary methods generally unavailable to other SEO companies, we generate both .GOV and .EDU inbounds to raise your web sites’ quality ranking.
        As all web developers know, getting inbound links from .GOV’s (local, state and federal web sites) and from .EDU’s (accredited schools and college web sites) are considered the “Holy Grails” of achieving sustained high rankings. Very few web designers have the ability to consistently get these inbound links.
    • Weekly reports emailed to you
      • Detailed ranking reports for the keywords/phrases that we work on for you are emailed every Friday afternoon.
        You need to know how your investment is working for you, beyond just higher traffic levels. We want you to see, objectively, where you rank against your competition. We stand with integrity, within an industry that is losing this important element of business and helping others.  Your success is our success!

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