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inv_fh_officeThis is what creative adaptation looks like…

Devoted to living, working and adapting within a more organic mindset, Tim and Pam Hoke, owners of  inVision Brand Pursuit since 2000, have recently chosen move their home studio from Stuart, Florida to Friday Harbor, Washington.  The inspirational, quiet, natural environment of the  San Juan Islands enchanted, inspired and embraced them, and the community welcomed them so warmly, allowing  for epic creativity re-fueling, and adaption toward  deeper organic branding and recovery research  for their clients and for their own personal and professional career growth.  They aim to inspire others to begin to allow for room to make those life shifts that keep nagging…making that hobby a job, transition to do what they love where they love doing it, gain that unique competitive edge in their professional  image and career track.

How did this happen?

In 2011, Pam entered into a PhD program in Organic Psychology with Project NatureConnect, and visited the island in 2012 to meet the founder and fellow students.  She was graciously invited to share her nature-connected artistic endeavors by the owners of the  The Ferry Landing Suites and Lakedale Resort  in a gallery space right at Friday Harbor’s ferry landing for two glorious  summers.  Since then, Tim and Pam, simply fell in love with the island and its culture, and opted to embrace the simple  island life.  They obtained a peaceful waterfront home studio to strengthen their creative and professional growth.  This shift has also allowed for both their organic-centered careers to take a new form through both Tim and Pam working intensive graduate degree work with long-time island, Dr. Michael Cohen, founder and Director of Project NatureConnect and the Organic Psychology Departments of Akamai University and Portland State University.  This new research has empowered their creativity and ingenuity immensely, along with allowing them to continue their  focused work within empowering both the mental health, education,  and environmental  fields.   Beyond the personal growth from their shift,  it all ties in beautifully within their online branding and marketing work, as most know, even the psychology behind marketing has shifted, and only an organic, authentic approach in any business strategy will succeed in today’s demanding culture.  inVision is the first designated “Certified Organic” service business, actively applying The Natural Systems Thinking Process taught at Project NatureConnect, for the most effective, authentic creative brand strategy process.

The Latest Organic branding from this beautiful shift…

Their entire careers, now with over 40 years combined experience in small business marketing and design,  the Hoke’s  have stood strong in their stance of “adapt or die.”   They  firmly believe that adaptation is a vital part of the journey of life, both in  personal and  business, they know all too well, (and any self-employed individual can relate), when it comes to entrepreneurship, these inevitably go hand in hand.  The two must blend together and have the creative breathing room to grow and flourish.  Their new home studio provides the space for fresh ideas and ingenuity to allow them to assist others, and their own creative ventures, to succeed.

Here are just a few of the local brand they have already helped jump start in their local area of Friday Harbor, WA and surrounding areas, along with continuing the creative juices flowing for their Southeast Florida clients.

Helping others adapt,  with  refreshed online brand image, or start-up branding…

inVison is currently offering two design and website package specials, to help others either start their new venture, or begin the adaptation process.    They will offer their services  for existing brands that need to move to the next phase of their development with a refreshed, energetic image, along with Start-up Online Brand options, for those moving into their next personal phase of life, and ready to get their long-time vision of their own business out there.  Since this is a two-person team devoted to quality, the number of clients served is limited, and accepted on a first-come first serve basis.


Call us at 360-378-2834, or, use our form on the right, and we will respond promptly!

New ONLINE BRAND:  $1,200  (refresh existing brand  $875)

BRAND IDENTITY IMAGE and WEBSITE  |  Features Pam’s signature organic brand design process and package she has perfected over the past 20 years, and Tim’s guru web development strategies and design.

LOGO, Brand Style Guide, Business Card Design, Word and Powerpoint Template Design, Online Avatar, eSignature, Web Banner, and Custom Branded 5-page WordPress, Joomla CMS Website (with e-mails, organic SEO start up included and option for hosting at $180/year).

BRAND Social BLITZ:  $1,600  (refresh existing brand $1,200)

BRAND IDENTITY IMAGE and SOCIAL MEDIA PAGE START UP  |  LOGO, Brand Style Guide, Business Card Design, Avatar, eSignature, Web Banner, and Custom Branded Pages created on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest with first 5 posts created for ultimate online voice.


Play the search engine game to win.  Organic packages to help you surge on search engines starting from $500. Call for a custom assessment by Tim Hoke, MCP and Certified White-Hat SEO/Online Marketing Guru, (772) 919-2243,  FL,  or (360) 378-2834, WA.

square_CC_Accept_US-300x215SPECIAL NOTE: These specials will only go through February, so hurry and reserve your slot, as studio time will fill up quickly at these prices.   We keep it simple. We are not an agency that hires out, you are hiring the decades-earned expertise of Tim and Pam, and we will be working and creating with you directly.  We invite you to explore this website to learn about us!  We have a simple, one page  agreement, with a 2-payment plan, that releases copyright of all work to you, too!  So, let’s get the creative brainstorming on your image started!  (For your protection, we take credit cards by phone via SquareUp.  Checks are also accepted.)  Thank you, Tim and Pam Hoke

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