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TheNatureConnection_headerMany folks were aware of the  island adventure last summer, where Pam was granted the opportunity to build her long-time vision of a retail concept within her realm of nature and art.  Pam was the chosen resident artist to open The Nature Connection Gallery in one of the oldest buildings on San Juan Island, in the state of Washington.  So, this is now our chance to put our collective skills and talents to the test within our own brand pursuit – investing our brand design, web strategies and SEO expertise to the test.  It is also become an opportunity to  journey from our comfort zones, including our “home” in Stuart, FL to the other corner of the U.S. began.   The first season was one similar to any first year launch business – full of lessons and most importantly, information!  Last summer’s season was a success, with even a modest profit, and we are pleased to announce we will opening the gallery again this summer, and full force with our branding strategies now that it past the sniff test.  We will be venturing out early spring again, once the Florida season is complete, to begin the Washington season on one of the most intriguing places in the U.S., the San Juan Islands.  We will be starting the full online part of the venture with an online store to be live by February 2014.

gallerybldg_bestviewThe point is, as purveyors of creativity for your visions and goals online, is that we all can pursue our visions…whatever they are, as long as we continue to align what we naturally love doing with what we are naturally good at. Don’t believe us? Check out Sir Ken Robinson’s video and book – “Finding Your Element”, or dive further into your natural self with Pam’s book (she managed to publish this last summer also,) “Natural Self Discovery”.   We are thrilled to show how anyone can make their visions come to life, by doing so ourselves – just as we have been successfully balancing and living our dream as self-employed professionals, parents, and community advocates for over 15 years.

So, in modeling our pursuit of how we define happiness and success, we shall continue to balance all of our work and personal passions by selectively working with like-minds, serving as a genuine source of creative and tech talent, offering our organic design and online marketing services as part of The Nature Connection. The vision of this retail-oriented brand venture is to share and inspire others to make “the connection” that we can align who we naturally are with what we are naturally good at, by connecting with our natural creative genius – and where else is this most possible than through connecting with directly to the source; nature?  We firmly believe that no one can be successful without being happy, and the pursuit of happiness all comes from discovering a natural balance within physical, mental and spiritual well-being.  Pam balances her passion for nature therapy,  fine art painting career with her business design  talents – Tim balances his geek-guru-ness with his passion for writing and developing outdoor survival techniques with his strong military and wilderness training backgrounds.

Beyond offering our organic creativity and approach to marketing, The Nature Connection brand will offer a line of products to help inspire natural connections, from fine art, photography, hand-made crafts and jewelry, self-help books, and therapeutic nature workshops featuring outdoor team-building, creative intelligence enhancement, relationship  and survival skills.  We hope you shall come on up to the island for a visit, or sign up to stay notified of updates!

NCG_front_JuneWe highly encourage those who do wish to have our expertise available to them, to contact us now before the summer season takes off!  Thank you to all who stand with us in their visionary pursuits!   Tim and Pam

The Nature Connection Gallery  |  85 Front Street, Friday Harbor, WA 98250

Coming Soon:  www.TheNatureConnection.net
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