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Over more than 15 years, our CTO, Tim Hoke has earned a reputation as a top-tier web developer/designer and SEO/SEM consultant. Now, sustainable business websites have a new (old) edge.  However, rarely does a week go by without him receiving a frantic phone call from a web site owner that’s in the midst of a really bad experience with a so-called “Webmaster”. (and, please do not call Tim a webmaster, just Web Geek is fine). Most of the conversations start with the phrase “A friend told me you’re the guy I should have called in the first place.”  If you need a brand-centric approach to Website Design for your sustainability, natural wellness or social purpose-driven project vision, he’s the guy.

Our web design process is very simple from the client point of view:  Tim sits with you and asks a lot of questions…Some make sense to you, some don’t.  Why is that, you ask?  With almost 20 years in the business, along with training as a U.S. Army psychological operations specialist, Tim knows what information he needs to make your Web Design project successful, even if you aren’t sure.  (Don’t worry, it’s not mean and doesn’t hurt a bit!)

The entire purpose of a web design project is simple:  Create a site that you’re so proud of that you tell everyone you see to visit it…just like you’ll want to pass your branded business card around for all to see.  Both of these things lead to more business, right?  Yeah, that’s the point, isn’t it?>)

Complete web design, website user-friendliness and experience evaluation, targeted search engine optimization and current search ranking, search ranking competitor analysis, online reputation management (this is a big deal, if you need it), social media integration, complete web site revamp or rebuild planning and performance… If it’s Internet, and in particular, the targeted needs of sustainable and natural business brands, you need Tim.  Learn more about Tim here, see below for our signature website packages, and choose your ideal, or call us for a free consultation on a custom build or website rescue mission.  360-378-2834.





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